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Posts by Aaron Seitz

Sports Parents – Embrace a Team First Mindset

As sports parents, we play an important role in what our children take from their sports experiences. I believe it is imperative that our children’s journeys through the competitive process are about our children learning and developing through participation in sports. We need to avoid negatively impacting these journeys and let our children experience the…

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At the end of a championship game or series, you will often hear a rookie or a freshman from the losing team say, “we gave it our best shot and I know we will be back next year.”  Unfortunately, the world of sports is filled with athletes with a “maybe next year” mentality; their attention…

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On a 52 degree Sunday afternoon, January 18, 2015 at Century Link Field in Seattle, Brandon Bostick, a Tight End for the Green Bay Packers, would make a gaffe that will stick with him forever. The scene was one of tremendous intensity; it was the 2014 NFC Championship Game. The Green Bay Packers and Seattle…

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A Message to All Parents New to Youth Sports: FOCUS ON THE NOW

Human nature dictates that we look ahead and project where our children might be in their sports journey in five or ten years.  There is constant noise around us with questions like “how much should a child play and at what age should they start?”, “should we pay for private coaching/training?”, and “when should a…

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I started #COMPETITIONMATTERS! because I love COMPETITION and all that comes with it—the lessons, the smells, the passion and intensity, the interactions, the sounds and feel…the ENERGY.  Sports has been in my blood and soul so long that I can’t remember a minute without knowing the tug of playing and giving effort to it.  The…

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