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I started #COMPETITIONMATTERS! because I love COMPETITION and all that comes with it—the lessons, the smells, the passion and intensity, the interactions, the sounds and feel…the ENERGY.  Sports has been in my blood and soul so long that I can’t remember a minute without knowing the tug of playing and giving effort to it.  The roots of this love for sports has existed since I could walk (dragging my little baseball bat behind me) and has developed into a deep desire to share with others the value of competing.  COMPETITION is something I believe matters deeply!  COMPETITION pushes individuals and teams to reach their peak levels of performance.  The winning and losing allow coaches and athletes to learn where they can excel and where they can improve.  The desire to compete affords athletes and coaches the opportunity to adjust, practice, and execute to see if the adjustments worked.  COMPETITION extends beyond sports too; it is all around us, every day.  My belief is that we need to embrace competing and use it to make ourselves, our teams, and our institutions better.

The #COMPETITIONMATTERS! framework has three pillars that athletes, coaches, and parents benefit from understanding, embracing, and becoming intentional about every day:

  • Effort

    Give young athletes, coaches, and parents the tools and perspective to help young athletes learn to compete with effort and honor, and continue to play as long as they can

  • Competitiveness

    Help young athletes transition into adulthood while using their competitive drive to help them excel in their next phase of life

  • Honor

    Make sure every athlete and team who believes in the #COMPETITIONMATTERS! way uses their participation in sports to positively impact other people and institutions

Stay connected to learn more and JOIN THE MOVEMENT! This is your invitation to join me on this journey.I will update this website regularly with new blogs, video content, and other related material.You can also connect by clicking on the social media links that are included on the bottom of each webpage, and check out the section where you can add your comments, thoughts, questions, and ideas.  I look forward to interacting with you and having you JOIN THE #COMPETITIONMATTERS! MOVEMENT!


Youth Athletes

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Your Sports BMI?

What Youth Athlete Expectations are realistic?

You might be asking yourself “what is a Sports BMI”?  It is the youth athlete’s equivalent to the weight chart in a doctor’s office.  Do you want to know what expectations a youth athlete should have at each age in their sport’s journey?  Then check out the Youth Athlete Expectation Chart below!  Click on the appropriate bar based on the age range you want information for and a youth athlete pledge, overview, and video will pop-up.  Enjoy and if you have any thoughts or comments, please fill out the information at the bottom of this webpage and hit “send your message”!


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