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Nice to meet you, I am aaron seitz!

I am a passionate lover of sports and a believer in the empowerment it provides to those who participate in sports. I began my sports journey while still in diapers carrying a rubber baseball bat around the house and shooting baskets in my 'Lil' Sport basketball goal. My love for sports has never wavered in the years that have followed and I am excited to share my passion with you.


I am looking forward to using my experience as a player, coach, parent, and fan to help bring a better perspective to the constituencies involved in sports, especially at the youth and high school level. I would like to use #COMPETITIONMATTERS! as a way to help others find opportunities through sport and to help them use sports as a way to grow, learn, and positively develop themselves.


#COMPETITIONMATTERS! wants you to be involved!  Please send any thoughts, opinions, comments, and questions you may have through the contact section below and don’t forget to check out the #COMPETITIONMATTERS! social media platform links below.  EFFORT. COMPETITIVENESS. HONOR.



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