Youth Athletes

Being a youth athlete is both rewarding and challenging at the same time.  Athletes have an opportunity to use their sport to help them challenge their bodies and minds to grow in many ways.  When youth athletes focus on their EFFORT and COMPETITIVENESS, they will maximize the rewards they receive from competing.  Sometimes sports will also present challenges to a youth athlete.  It is in these moments that an athlete will need to focus on HONOR in handling these situations.  Things like dealing with losses, changes in role on the team, decrease or increase in playing time, more responsibility, and injuries can test a youth athlete’s will.  However, the opportunity to overcome these challenges are what lead to sports participation being helpful in an athlete’s life after sports.


#COMPETITIONMATTERS! believes that an athlete who consciously gives their maximum EFFORT and reaches their highest level of COMPETITIVENESS on a consistent basis with HONOR will get the greatest benefits from sports.  A young athlete should focus their energies in their sport on these three pillars:  EFFORT.COMPETITIVENESS.HONOR.  Below are three questions that all youth athletes should ask themselves. 

  • What one thing am I focused on giving EFFORT?


  • Where am I currently on the COMPETITIVENESS Spectrum and am I actively working on “moving to the right”?


  • What person or group of people am I showing HONOR to when playing and why am I HONORING them?


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